Hand-forged original Big Barb Wire Railing/Fence Panels are great at ranch entrance, porch, deck, loft or as an eye-catching accent anywhere!  Fabricators… save $ on raw material… you provide posts and fabrication!  Three sizes stocked and custom lengths available.  Try our new steel Rope Twist without barbs!

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Our unique, large-scale barbed wire Railing and Fence Panels begin with hot rolled American steel, a forge, welder and grinder, a little ingenuity and some old school blacksmithing techniques. Each strand is heated, hand tooled and twisted. Big barb wire panels are stocked in 3 sizes, 2 lengths and are now available in steel rope twist without barbs. Hand-forged in the USA using American steel!  It matters!!


4FT… 3’H x 4’W x 2D”     $39
8FT… 3’H x 8’W x 2D”     $79

4FT… 3’H x 4’W x 3D”     $65
8FT… 3’H x 8’W x 3D”     $129

4FT… 42″H x 4’W x 4D”     $170
8FT… 42″H x 8’W x 4D”     $295


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Over the decades barbed wire has been stretched, spliced, tested, feared and revered. The history of “the devils rope” is far reaching and played an integral part of our nation’s history. Kelly Thorny Diamond was the first wire patented in the USA in 1868. Over 1600 followed as the industry boomed over the next 20 years. John Glidden received several US patents and gained his fame and fortune manufacturing barbed wire. When the industry became very competitive, Glidden turned his business ventures to another market…paint! We still buy Glidden paint today.  It was not profitable in the early days for Ma Bell to provide services to rural customers so ranchers bootstrapped their “bob war” fences into phone lines to communicate with their neighbors.


In the spirit of the Old West, Cave Creek Designs brings you a bold, fun and original selection of large scale architectural and decorative barbed wire Railing and Fence Panels! Our Big Barb Wires can be cut, shaped, bent, curved and welded! Let your imagination run wild… decorative and functional for security and entrance gates, decks, patios, stairs, balconies, lofts or a wonderful accent in any farm, ranch, country, rustic or Western decorating theme. Turn some heads with some subtle Malibu or back lighting for a dramatic, big barbed wire look even after dark!  Custom orders welcome!  Let’s work together to create the unique look needed for your next custom fencing or railing project!